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Burlington offers hair, nails, and reflexology
Greensboro offers hair, facials, and waxing

Our hair services are all priced according to the stylistís experience and skill level.

All our facials and massages are customizable with your preferences and needs in mind. Before each massage or facial there will be some time to sit with your esthetician or massage therapist to talk about what your intentions and goals are for the service. Whether you prefer deep tissue, hot stone, specific problem areas, dry or oily skin, your conversation with our service provider will guide them
in the direction that will be most beneficial for you.

If you'd like to purchase a gift card please call, email, or text our front desk to accommodate you.

Hair Design and Color
*Haircuts/ Colors include shampoo, style and your choice of a mini facial or scalp/neck massage
Women's Cut and Style     
                                $40 and up
Men's Cut and Style         
                                $30 and up
Child's Cut (under 10)       
                                $30 and up
Shampoo and Style           
                                $35 and up
Specialty Style                   
                                $50 and up
Bang Trim                          
                               $10 and up
Beard Trim                         
                               $15 and up


Solid Color and highlights
*$10 extra charge for any color service with style

Solid Color                 $75 and up

Solid Color Retouch    $65 and up

Simple Highlight         $65 and up

Partial Highlight          $85 and up

Full Highlight             $115 and up

Simple Balayage         $75 and up

Partial Balayage          $95 and up

Full Balayage             $125 and up

Solid Color Simple Highlight   
                              $90 and up

Solid Color Partial Highlight     
                              $110 and up

Solid Color Full Highlight       
                              $135 and up

Double Process Color             
                              $135 and up

Creative/ Corrective Color                                 *consultation only*
Scalp / Conditioning
Diamond Filler    $65 (add-on $45)
K Fluid Protein    $65 (add-on $45)

Series of 4 Diamond Filler or K Fluid Treatments $180
Conditioning Treatment  
$10 (add-on only)
Avocado Oil Treatment   
$20 (add-on only)
Inca Treatment             
$35 (add-on only)
Beauty Treatment         
$20 (add-on only)
Multiphlex Treatment     
$35 (add-on only)

Scalp Treatments
Energizing (anti-hairloss)       
                       $45   Add-on $25
(for oily scalps)       
                       $45   Add-on  $25
Dry Scalp
                       $45   Add-on  $25
Wellness Scalp Treatments

Volumizing, Nourishing, Energizing, or Hydrating   
                        $10 (add-on only)

 Texture /Smoothing
Texture(price subject to length and density of hair)
Relaxer                     $80 and up
Relaxer Retouch         $70 and up
Texture Wave             $80 and up

Smoothing Treatments
Brazilian Blowout (full)               
Brazilian Blowout (express)          
Botanical Keratin Treatment (full)
Botanical Keratin Treatment (express)                                                                            $150

*Full treatments include travel size
shampoo and conditioner

Str8 Forward Permanent Straightening                                                                      $250

*Includes travel size shampoo and conditioner

Color Seal Treatment             $65
Color Seal Treatment (add-on)                                                 $35

Stephanie Shelton is a certified podologist and master pedicurist who works with a wide range of clients to improve their daily lives through her work.
To see her current and past work, click the button below.
Stehpanie's Work
Express Services
Need a little pick-me-up on your lunch break? Got a hot date? Did your free evening just fill up?
The express manicure or pedicure is designed to get you in and out with your nails looking flawless in 30 minutes! Even better, Stephanie uses CND polish that dries in 8 minutes so you don't have to worry about your fresh nails getting smudged!
These services include: nail maintenance, cuticle work, regular nail polish, hot towel (pedicure only), and either cuticle oil or Footlogix Mousse

Express Manicure    $25
Express Hot towel Pedicure   $35

Spa Nail Services

Need a little "me time" or wanting to have a full manicure or pedicure to unwind? Then you'll want a spa manicure or pedicure. You'll get to relax as your feet soak in the pedicure tub or as your hands and arms get massaged with a deep moisturizing mousse.

These services include: regular maintainence of nails and cuticles, hand or foot massage, deep hydration, your choice of regular polish, callus work (pedi only), hand and arm scrub ( mani only).

Spa Manicure $30 (45-minute service)
Spa Pedicure $45 (60-minute service)

Hot Stone Spa Manicure $38
Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $55
Gel Nail Services
If you're wanting a mani or pedi with polish that has a little more staying power, gel is where it's at! We use  gel nail polish that lasts longer than regular polish. That does however, depend on what you do for a living so bear that in mind when booking your nail appointment.  The gel manicure and pedicure is identical to the spa nail service, but with one key difference...longer-lasting gel polish.

Gel Polish Manicure $36 (60-minutes)
Gel Polish Pedicure $50 (60-minutes)

Gel Polish add-on  $14
For Men
To answer your question, YES!
In fact they love them!
Men's nail services include: regular maintenance of nails, cuticle work, massage, cuticle oil (manicure), Footlogix mousse (pedicure). Pretty much everything but nail polish

Men's Manicure $22
Men's Pedicure  $35
Specialty Services
If you're not sure if either of these services are for you, do not hesitate to call and book a nail consultation with Stephanie. It is always easier for our professionals to know what's best for you when we can see you in person.

Corn Removal                   **begins at $5
Nail Debridement
(uses implements to grind down thick, yellowing nails)                                                    **begins at $5
IBX Nail Treatment (rebuilds damaged nails) 
   1st Application  $10
   Recurrent Applications $5
Nail Art
Nail art is a great way to add beautiful, expressive details to your manicure
or pedicure.
Keep in mind that beauty takes time 
and we want your nails to look stunning when you leave, so ask front desk to add this to your manicure or pedicure.
You're more than welcome to bring in pictures for inspiration or examples!
If you're planning for a special event feel free to book a consultation. It's free and takes only a few minutes!

Nail art (add-on only)  **begins at $5
French Polish (add-on only) $7

Nail Services
Reflexology is a great way to promote overall wellness and relaxation. Using pressure points in your hands and feet, your body will feel balanced.
These services include 30 minutes of reflexology (at the nail bar or pedicure tub) with your spa manicure or pedicure.
Reflexology Manicure $45
Reflexology Pedicure $69

Add 15 minutes of Reflexology to any nail service for $15 (must be added at the time of booking the appointment)

A La Carte

Toenail Clipping
   (clip, buff, file, Footlogix mousse) $15
Fingernail Clipping
   (clip, buff, file, cuticle oil)           $10

If your feet need a little extra attention (i.e. unsightly toenails, corns, extreme calluses, and/or cracked heels) you'll want to get a Wellness Pedicure. This includes a spa pedicure in addition to a customized home regimen that will guarantee your feet will be looking like a baby's in as little as two months!

Wellness Pedicure  $50 
- Massages/ Facials -
All massages include a
foot rub and scrub

60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

60 minutes

(cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate)
90 minutes

(cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate, peel)
120 minutes

(includes all of the above plus attention to problem areas and relaxation)

Using touch and pressure techniques on reflex points on the hands and feet, this holisitic Asian-inspired treatment balances,relaxes, and stimulates the corresponding organs or tissues of the body. It encourages the body and mind to heal, balance, and cleanse naturally.

30 minutes
60 minutes
 - Hair Removal -
Brows                                        $15
Upper Lip                                   $10
Chin or Cheeks                           $10
Half Leg                                     $35
Full Leg                                     $65
Basic Bikini                                $30
Complete Bikini                          $50
Underarm                                  $25
Arms                                         $30
Back or Chest                            $40
- Makeup - 
Touch Up
Lash or Brow Tint
Lash Lift and Tint

We proudly carry Artego, OrganEthic Pure care, and Pure NV hair care products.
For our skin care we have Jane Iredale make up, Comfort Zone, Footlogix, and Dadi products.
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